Highway 52

Guest Chef Revue

Carrie McCabe-Johnston

Guest Chef - Carrie McCabe-Johnston

Tuesday, March 24 - 6pm-10pm

Highway 52 Guet Chef Revue

Minnesota’s Mid-Winter Road Trip Dining Series Featuring a Diverse Array of World Class Culinary Talent

THE HIGHWAY 52 GUEST CHEF REVUE: Minnesota’s Mid-Winter Road Trip Dining Series Featuring a Diverse Array of World Class Culinary Talent

GUEST CHEF: Carrie McCabe-Johnston of Nightingale

When the holidays have passed, the Christmas tree and the empty bottles of New Year’s Eve champagne have been hauled away long ago by the city maintenance crew, life in Minnesota can begin to look bleak. The temperature plunges, the snow gets deeper, and a familiar, deep winter funk begins to set in our souls.

Restaurant types do our best to keep the fires of the hearth warm and welcoming, the flavors hearty and the good cheer flowing into your glass, but with months before long days of sunshine and fresh bounty from Mother Earth, even we begin to feel winter wearing out her welcome.

Falls Landing on Highway 52 in Cannon Falls decided that the best cure for the mid-winter blues was a change of scenery – even if that scenery is faces and flavors. We approached a talented array of world-class culinary professionals beloved for their dedication to the kinds of flavors that bring sunshine and celebration to your soul regardless of the time of year and asked them to bring their particular brands of hospitality to our dining room.

The package that will include a multi-course meal paired with liquid deliciousness prepared by the likes of Nightingale's Carrie McCabe - Johnston .
The evening will begin, if you choose, at Nigthingale where you will be welcomed and invited to introduce you and your fellow diners to one another over a glass of good cheer. Falls Landing’s proprietary crew will pick you up in transportation provided by our own David Olson and drive you south on MN 52 to our dining room in Cannon Falls. The Guest Chef Revue will begin with a presentation by Culinary Director JD Fratzke, the evening’s featured chef and five courses (or more!) of fine food and beverage will commence. After dessert is cleared and the last sips savored, we will drive you back to your starting point with a heart full of hospitality and delicious, mid-winter memories.

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